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Piedmont Fountain
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Queen Ann Victorian, Piedmont CA.

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Piedmont is a small city of approximately 10,000 people.  The city is bordered on all sides by Oakland.  Piedmont is best known for having excellent schools.  There is no library and almost no commercial district in Piedmont.  Piedmont residents use the Oakland Public Library system.  Piedmont doesn have a fire department and police department.  There are three elementary schools, a middle school and two high schools.  Piedmont Adult School offers excellent classes for adults wanting to pursue their interests.

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"....The City of Piedmont Fire Department proudly serves the citizens of Piedmont. The Fire Department was founded in 1909 as a volunteer department....The Recreation Department is responsible for the organization and management of a variety of programs and services...."Students come first" in the Piedmont School... "
"In 1820, Don Luis Peralta owned 14,330 acres of land on the east side of San Francisco Bay. His Rancho San Antonio was so big that it covered all the land that is Piedmont, Berkeley and Oakland today. Gradually the Peralta holdings, like those of other early Californians, passed out of the hands of their original owners. The major portion of Jose Domingo's patrimony became the City of Berkeley while most of Vincente's land became the City of Oakland. A small portion of both these tracts is now known as the City of Piedmont."
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